2020 has marked a watershed moment in history, an extraordinary epochal shift. We have been called to readjust all levels of society, to envision new possibilities and to overcome the challenges that can lead to a healthier, more equitable and sustainable world.

Wellness is a vital concept for restarting the world after COVID-19.

The future of health and wellness are key pillars, in addition to ecology, the economy and public safety. An opportunity for people to improve their potential, improve the quality of life of communities and for governments to reduce health costs.

What trends are emerging in the world of health and wellness?

How will the various markets, the vast industries, be transformed?

The $ 4.5 trillion global wellness economy, growing twice as fast as the global economy, for 73% of global consumers wellness is now considered an essential.

Reflecting on how to solve the socioeconomic, environmental, health and wellness challenges that lie ahead is a priority.

The great community that works in this sector plays a fundamental role in the new stage it faces; new concepts of integral medicine, lifestyles, food, travel and hospitality, as well as, in our homes, workplaces, social and environmental environment.

In recent international congresses it has become clear that the pandemic has allowed Balneology and thermal waters to be recognized for their influence in strengthening the immune system and their role in rehabilitation. Essential services.

All this will mean a change and new opportunities for Health and Well-being Tourism, which should bet on training, digitization and offer innovative experiences in health and sustainability.

“Restart, Renew, Restore the world with Wellbeing”, a current theme that is guiding discussions and experiences.

“Well-being and health. New challenges today”

The event will foster the necessary dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders with workshops, interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, product promotions, B2B, business contacts and business opportunities.

We will explore the future of trends, research, innovation and training in health, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, with a positive mental approach in this new stage, for the well-being of all.

Promote comprehensive health and all its components: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental. A new vision for the future of wellness that summarizes key concepts and practices on a new path to healing and growth as the world emerges from the pandemic.

In the complex and extraordinary context we are living in, the idea of well-being becomes even more challenging.

Join the wellness!